For publication, we accept previously unpublished manuscripts which include scientific novelty and meet the aims and scope of the journal

  • Submitted papers must be clearly written in English or Ukrainian. 
  • Editorial team encourages articles written in English.
  • The target length for an article is 6,000-8,000 words (20,000-40,000 characters with spaces). If your article is longer than this, please contact us.
  • The style (e.g. fonts, font size, spaces, margins, etc.) is adjusted by editors.
  • It is suggested that figures, tables and formulae should be displayed with features of your software package (e.g. MS Word tools).
  • The list of References (Bibliography) should appear at the end of the main text, and be listed in alphabetical order by author’s name.
  • References to publications within the text should be as follows: [Putnam, 2002: 26], [Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, 1983: 220], [Putnam, 1999a: 26], [Putnam, 1999b: 75]. There must be a strict one-to-one correspondence between the names and years in the text and those in the list of references.
  • Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and indicated by consecutive superscript numbers.
  • Information about the author should include: author name, honorary or other degree(s) (if any); affiliation, ORCID. Provide also the full postal address, including the country name, e-mail address and, if available, phone numbers (with country and area code). Contact details must be kept up to date by the corresponding author.
  • Abstract (200–300 words, only commonly accepted terminology) in Englishs hould be structured and contain the following elements: purpose, methodology, findings, originality, practical value, keywords (6–8 words), one-column format. The abstract should not repeat the heading of the article.The abstract should also contain a short list of carefully chosen Keywords or content indicators (5-10 words).
  • Article structure:

- Universal Decimal classification index (in the upper left corner)


  • An introduction, indicating article’s scientific problem.

– An analysis of the recent research and publications.

– Unsolved aspects of the problem.

– Objectives of the article.

– Presentation of the main research and explanation of scientific results.

– Research conclusions and recommendations for further research in this area.




Acceptance of manuscripts is based on originality and importance to the field as assessed by the Editors. Manuscripts are reviewed by the Editorial Board with ad hoc assistance of external reviewers (blind peer review). Publication decisions are made by the Editorial Board. Based on editorial judgment, some submissions are rejected initially without external review.